November 7, 2008

Dawn of “Hope” and “Change”

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And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

—William Butler Yeats, “The Second Coming”

The final weekend. It all closes in, the raging noise, the incessant campaign attack commercials on every channel, the rabble rousing threats of violence and rioting. It punctures every facet of one’s awareness.

It’s impossible to detach. Strain and tension permeate the atmosphere. Around the country and the whole world.

Oh Lord, I groan. Let this, too, pass.

I leave for a trade show, the first of the season. A small show at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown. Might as well go hang out with wacky horse people for a few days.

I arrive Saturday morning and set up my booth. Small show, maybe sixty vendors. First year for it. It opens at ten. Traffic is slow from the get go. A few mild rushes, mostly nothing. Probably our first and last year at this venue, I figure.

I mingle with the other vendors. We chat. Complain about the lack of show traffic. My neighboring table hosts girl scouts. Some trail ride setup. They have free candy and cookies. I chat with the Den Mother. She’s friendly enough, and almost normal. No horse person is completely normal. Turns out she’s a Democrat. No big surprise there. I avoid identifying my political allegiance, or lack thereof.

She returns to her scout troop. I hear her speak Sarah Palin’s name, followed by scornful snickers. Den Mother is busy indoctrinating her precious little troops.

“You laughing at Sarah?” I ask, irritated. Leave her alone. You snide easterners.

“Yep,” Den Mother answers.

“You better not,” I retort.

“We are,” she replies.

“You better not,” I repeat. “Don’t even get me started on Obama.”

They huddle and lower their voices. I ignore them.

Thankfully, the show reaches its disastrous conclusion on Sunday afternoon. Suppos-edly at five, but all the vendors are packing and fleeing at four. Nothing going on. I leave Delaware Valley College, probably forever. Head home to slurp up the Simpsons Halloween Special and some good old Sunday Night Football.

The Colts beat the vile Bellichek and his evil Brady-less Patriots.

I sleep in. Take the day off, as I usually do after a weekend show. Finally rouse up around ten and head to the gym. One day to go.

Glenn Beck is on the radio. I like Glenn. Today he’s somber. Worried. Mostly about his job. Nah, that’s not fair. I give him credit. He’s worried first about where the country is headed. Then about his job. He figures the Fairness Doctrine might knock him off the air. He may be right.

Rush bounces on at noon. Loud and boisterous as always. Rages against Obama. I detect a tinge of fear, maybe mild hysteria. I like Rush. Respect him a lot, mostly for his outlook on life through good and bad times. Today he’s urging people to get out and vote. Just go. The polls are what they are. Who knows how biased for Obama? Designed to suppress the conservatives, Rush claims. He may be on to something. I don’t know.

I check my email. Loads of forwarded junk. Don’t forget to vote, one admonishes. What am I, a child? Obama is like Hitler, screams another. I sigh and wonder what sins I’ve committed in the past that would make anyone believe I have the slightest interest in reading this political garbage. I’m an adult. I’ll vote if I want to. Won’t if I don’t want to. I delete the emails without reading them. There will be many more in the next twenty-four hours, I think to myself resignedly.

Election eve. I check Drudge. Polls bouncing all over. Obama blowout, screams one. McCain closing, proclaims another. They all show a decent percentage of undecideds. If McCain wins, it’ll be because they broke for him.

I watch a bit of Monday Night Football and head for bed. Tomorrow is the day.

I head back to the office. Daylight savings time came on Sunday. The day drags. A buddy calls. He’d gone out and bought a new rifle the night before. The gun shop was jammed. People buying rifles and handguns. Gun sales have shot up 30% to 50%, in anticipation of an Obama win. Fear reigns. Of what the Dems will do, if they win it all. It won’t be pretty.

The talk shows are strangely muted. Glenn Beck believes Obama will win. He’s uncharacteristically quiet, reflective. But not Rush. He’s not convinced Obama will win. Or at least that’s what he claims. Don’t watch the news, he says. They’ll call the states early for Obama. Don’t pay any attention. Come back and listen tomorrow. I’ll have it all for you.

I don’t know what to think. I still believe McCain will pull it out. Or at least that it will be much closer than we’ve been led to believe. Just something deep down. But I don’t know. There is no early exit polling this year. Not after the Kerry debacle four years ago, where the exit polls had him winning in a landslide. The networks don’t want that egg on their faces again. They’ll be more careful.

Time crawls. I hate the week after a time change. Screws up one’s interior time clock. Five o’clock finally arrives. It’s getting dark outside. I head for the gym, then the polls. No crowds this late. I’m relieved.

I take a paper ballot and walk into a booth. I vote my principles.

I meet a friend for dinner. We chat over a leisurely meal. When I get home, it’s nine o’clock. Eastern polls have been closed for an hour. Time for calls to be made on the race.

This year, I have purposed not to watch any TV talking heads on election night. Can’t stomach their superior, sneering faces. I click on Drudge instead. Check the numbers. Tight in the battleground states. With 10% of the vote counted, Pennsylvania is called for Obama. Oh, well. It’ll be that kind of night. Republicans losing several Senate seats, too.

I go to bed a bit after ten. Tomorrow will tell. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

I sleep fitfully through the night.

The alarm clatters. 5:45, time to get up. I fire up the computer and go take a shower while it warms up. Dress. Then sit down and click on Drudge.

Obama is our new President. Electoral landslide. I’m not surprised, but to actually see it, staring coldly from the screen, leaves a hard knot in the pit of my stomach.

He did it. Give credit where it’s due. He won it all. Both houses of Congress with him. All the power to the Dems.

At least the vile Al Franken hasn’t pulled it off in MN. Not yet. They’ll keep recounting until he wins. That’s the way Democrats work.

The office is muted. We discuss the election. What it means. What the future holds. What might change, and likely will. Higher taxes. Diminished second amendment rights.

For true freedom lovers, America is now an occupied country. As it has been for years, under Bush the Younger. And would have remained, regardless of who won this round. But especially so now under Obama. And Reid and Pelosi, two of Washington’s most wacko liberal crackpots.

A new day has dawned. Of “hope and change.” Vacant, undefined terms. Successfully sold by a slick Chicago huckster to a roaring, cheering mob of mindless swooning sheeple. A huckster who never worked an honest day’s labor at a real job in his life.

Republicans now inhabit the wilderness. As they so richly deserve. They will remain there until they repent. If they don’t repent, they’ll wander, forever lost.

In the meantime, dark forces of a new kind of oppression will be unleashed upon the land. They will reign, seemingly unchecked, and will do their utmost to dispirit, to de-stroy, to demonize, to mold and forge this country into the image of evil they worship in their hearts.

And they will succeed, to some extent. To the victors go the spoils.

Until a new force arises from the ashes and casts out the vile oppressors. Based on the raw simple concepts of freedom from the tyranny of the intrusive secular nanny state. Freedom to worship without being labeled hateful. Freedom to reap the rewards of one’s own labor. Freedom to be left alone. Freedom that will live always in the hearts of those who yearn for it. Value it. Cherish it.

The seeds are sown, they have sprouted, the free forces of liberty will grow. They multiplied exponentially in the past year under the great Ron Paul. Soon, a new and younger leader will rise and take up the banner from his tired and faltering hands.

It will be a long war, with many lost battles. Especially in the next two to four years. But the truth crushed to earth will rise again. Always has, always will. In the long term. Of not just years, or even decades, but generations.

Those who refuse to bow the knee to Ba’al will never surrender.

And so, with real hope for genuine change and true freedom, we continue the endless slog through the long night that envelopes us, toward the distant promise of a new and shining dawn.


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  1. I feel your pain. I worked the polls and saw it coming. We still have a higher power, we know what lies ahead. Our job is to prepare our young children, that is all we can do. It will be interesting, the next year. Can’t even imagine what all will happen. The stock market is still down, down, down. Depressed beause of the election results and it is so dark so early now.

    I always get depressed when everything dies off and darkness is near earlier. Guess we all need to rest earlier after such a hectic summer…..


    Comment by Krindee — November 7, 2008 @ 9:26 pm

  2. I think Obama will find it a lot harder than he thinks it is. There simply won’t be enough money to fulfill all his great promises.

    I think the next cloud on the horizon is the holiday shopping. I know retailers depend heavily on December sales to boost their income. With the economy as bad as it is I wonder if we’ll see some big stores getting into trouble. I’ve been wondering about this for several weeks, and I’ve only read one reference to it in a news source.

    Comment by Josh Yoder — November 8, 2008 @ 12:06 am

  3. You said it!

    Two other commentaries on target respecting Christian voters and the conservative movement:

    How Christian Voters have Denied Their Faith (2008)
    (Though I do not trust Keyes’ agenda, he is incisive here about lying and being willingly deceived.)

    Conservatives Lost More Than An Election by Chuck Baldwin

    My commentary (to Ira – others may skip it)

    The agenda was no different the last 20 years. But now, America has her “Perestroika” (Russian for “Change.”) Change, just like Gorbachev brought to the Russian empire – and many still believe the “Communism is dead” mantra. (Ha! “Father” Bush gave Gorby the Liberty Medal the day following Constitution Day this year, an in-your-face mockery at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.)

    Campaign strategist Axelrod shows a genius: At once reflecting our credulity and exposing the bipartisan roots that have already been showing their fruit – right in front of our eyes, for those who know the Manifesto.

    Just $5 gets you Marx & Satan at Voice of the Martyrs website. In a short book, Wurmbrand shows Marx, a satan worshipper, mocking the idea he promulgated an economic theory, and definitely exposes the aim: build what can persecute Christians, so they can be tortured to denying their faith and thus fall into hell. Distribution of this book was the reason Pastor Wurmbrand was “Tortured for Christ.” Here discern the root, a spiritual battle. (Hence, not “politics.”)

    To keep tabs on that building alternative movement, read Ron Paul-endorsed Baldwin ( or contact Ron Paul had him open for his events so people could get to know this articulate leader.

    But, yes, civil government is not an answer; it is simply a reflection of where our hearts are as a nation. So no fingers need be pointed at leaders until we change our own communities.

    Comment by LeRoy Whitman — November 9, 2008 @ 8:43 pm

  4. The hot link did not come through above:

    Comment by LeRoy Whitman — November 9, 2008 @ 8:45 pm

  5. might be of interest to some…

    Comment by fritz — November 10, 2008 @ 7:12 pm

  6. I looked up that link, Fritz. It is a mass of confusion and slander, which can be answered but it not worth the time. To see what I mean, look at some of the other pages. In particular, look at the one on Chuck Pierce and the assertions made there – preposterous! (I have heard Chuck and Dutch Sheets in person on occasion, and I believe they are men of God).

    The article charging the admitted anti-CFR JBS is actually controlled by pro-CFR folks is self-deafeating. Geo. Washington was Mason (his girdle is encased in the Capitol), but was apparently opposed to those forces. If the JBS is actually pro-Federal Reserve (etc), explain the recent and current series educating about economy and money on their home page – more worthwhile and less confusing than the link you refer to.

    Comment by LeRoy Whitman — November 12, 2008 @ 6:10 pm

  7. Do i believe everything on that link?

    Neither do i believe everything on the following links.

    But, they do provide some info on WHO started JBS.
    What it’s ROOTS are.
    Which IS very important.

    Just because something is proclaimed on a site means very little.
    In order for something to be deceptive, it HAS to appear to be real and genuine.

    It is the MIXING of truth and err that is the most deceptive of all.
    Consider broadroad christianity.
    In order to deceive the MASSES…it has to appear to be real and genuine.
    The broadroad is not full of evil people, as such, it is full of seemingly good/sincere/righteous people.

    It seems it should be worth our time to be greatly concerned about WHO is on the broadroad…for there are MANY on that road!
    For….it COULD BE… ‘i’.

    The word ‘antichrist’ is greatly misunderstood.
    It doesn’t mean ‘against’ Christ.
    It means ‘in place of’ Christ.

    One doesn’t have to TRY the spirit of those that are AGAINST Christ, do they?
    That is foolish…for such a spirit is openly manifest.


    If the world is FULL of those ‘professing’ to be His, but aren’t, then those are the spirits that would need ‘testing’.
    There is more than one way of ‘denying that Jesus is the Christ’.

    We have to recognize that there are MANY ‘Christs’ being promoted today, of which only ONE is the true one.
    All the rest…are imitations of the real one.
    False christs in place of the true.
    Every denomination…is in essence…lifting up ‘Christ’ [there own version of what is ‘truth’] saying, “here He is…here is Truth…come to Him/it”.

    What does that have to do with the link and it’s content?

    Broadroad christianity is a mixing of truth and err.
    That is one ‘front’.
    It ‘appears’ to be something it is not. It is in ‘disguise’.
    MANY are being deceived by it. That is very scriptural and should be easy to see.

    The political agenda we face today is another ‘front’.
    But, it follows the same trend. Pattern.
    It also specializes in mixing truth and err.
    It also ‘appears’ to be something it is not.
    It is disguising what it really is.
    It also is deceiving the masses.
    We can count on it..that this is so.

    We are living in some very deceptive times.
    On every hand.

    The only purpose of the following is to try to determine WHO actually founded JBS.
    That is all.
    IF…there was a certain individual involved, or not.

    That is what i’m interested in…is WHO started it.
    If we can determine that, then regardless of what it APPEARS to be, we can KNOW it is achieving a certain goal, part of the overall agenda.
    Period. [At least in my mind. Others can believe what they will.]

    I am not promoting any of the religious content associated with these.
    That is another issue.

    Comment by fritz — November 13, 2008 @ 9:54 am

  8. Fritz, the first of the new links you post steps on my toes. We work with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Trying to associate them with the CIA and so on is nothing new. But it kind of misses the point for accusatory slander. Rense is a nut head, though he does post some good stuff once in awhile – which is back to your point: truth mixed with error. Which is back to my point: “a false witness breathes lies” (etc., from Proverbs), so consider the source.

    These links, which actually show no definite connections, simply string together various guilt-by-association, and do not bear up under thoughtful, rational analysis, prove nothing. In fact, they SAY very little, while stringing together a lot of “facts” (some of which are in error), which overall leave an IMPRESSION that all the groups and persons mentioned are indicted … with what?

    If you want to know what Wycliffe is up to, look at their website, and look at the fruit.

    If you want to see about the JBS, look at their website. Their fruit has been to actually help halt and impede New World Order and socialist/communist schemes over the years. Little wonder the media (and other strange, accusing spirits) attack them. (Regarding 9/11, has a good dvd; so does 911Mysteries: Demolitions)

    Fritz I have read your posts on previous blogs, and have seen that you really seek to follow the Lord, and look deeper than most. I appreciate that, very much.

    Now a word to the wise: think and pray further before you speak too quickly about things you do not understand. I have been where you are (thankfully without interference of information overload and distractions and rabbit trails the internet provides), so I know what I’m saying. You need to grow in maturity. That is not a slam, just a mild statement, and I trust you will take it to heart in the spirit is which it is meant (my apologies for saying it here – I am also maturing).

    In the interest of allowing Ira’s blog to be his blog, I will not be pursuing this kind of line further on this site. The Lord guide you, and us all. You are correct that there are great deceptions abroad. A great Prophet warned us all, “Be careful what you listen to.”

    Comment by LeRoy Whitman — November 13, 2008 @ 12:54 pm

  9. Sorry about the toes.
    I have no intention on stepping on any toes.

    To tell you the truth, the only information i was interested in, in those articles, was as to how JBS got it’s start.

    I need to emphasize again, to anyone reading the links, to read the disclaimer between the quotes below.

    Some info can be gleaned here…some there.
    One can go and check out and verify, for ex, if indeed JBS got started as mentioned by doing some homework.

    To me that is some very significant information.
    It tells me something about the very core of the matter.

    I would of just cut and pasted that portion of information, from the links, but i was afraid of the post getting to lengthy.
    Thought about it…and should of.

    I agree Rense is a rather extreme site, lots of garbage, but again, i feel has some useful information here n there.
    I read very few of his articles. But, everyonce in a while, one catches my eye, or something links back to him.

    As for JBS appearing to be against the NWO…what a useful tool to find out who is on what side.

    Again, if the information pertaining to the beginning of that organization is accurate, then i, for one, am banking on the fact that it is not what it appears to be.
    That is my belief.

    Doesn’t mean there aren’t good people involved in it, or that it hasn’t done, or is doing some good.
    What it does mean, is it has a two-fold purpose.
    The one disguised.

    Now, Quote from previous post:

    Do i believe everything on that link?

    Neither do i believe everything on the following links.

    But, they do provide some info on WHO started JBS.
    What it’s ROOTS are.
    Which IS very important.


    The only purpose of the following is to try to determine WHO actually founded JBS.
    That is all.
    IF…there was a certain individual involved, or not.

    That is what i’m interested in…is WHO started it.
    If we can determine that, then regardless of what it APPEARS to be, we can KNOW it is achieving a certain goal, part of the overall agenda.
    Period. [At least in my mind. Others can believe what they will.]

    I am not promoting any of the religious content associated with these.
    That is another issue.


    No harm intended to anyone.

    Editor’s Note: I believe this particular issue has now been maxed out. Let it rest.

    Comment by fritz — November 13, 2008 @ 4:29 pm

  10. Here’s who, Fritz (and any onlookers).

    And I agree, Ira. Thanks.

    Comment by LeRoy Whitman — November 13, 2008 @ 4:53 pm

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